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Welcome to the David League !
Hell Machine


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This is Hell Machine, the robotic monster that I am building for Robot wars, Series 6.


This is the initinal Paint program drawing for Hell Machine and his drive system.

Vital Statistics:

Name: Hell Machine
Weight: Unknown (We think it will be 96 kg)
Length: 170 cm
Height: 70 cm
Width: 100 cm (110 cm at the bucket)
Weapons: Electric powered axe, powered by a car starter motor, and an electric actuator powered arm on the back.
Power: x2 Bosch 750w motors run at 36v for more power.

Some of the components inside Hell Machine are:


A 4QD speed controller. The SC pictured is actually a Vantech speed controller, which is just like a 4QD speedo, except that a robot only needs one Vantech SC, whereas a robot using 4QD speedos needs two, and also an interface, availible from Derek Foxwell.


A cast aliminium wheel with a specialised rubber tread. I bought these from Ed, owner and builder of the robot Storm. These wheel offer HM great traction, and so enables the robot to push opponents around with ease.


The Derek Foxwell 4QD interface. This is nessesery as the 4QD speedos were not made for robots, but for things like golf carts, so the interface was made so that the speedos could intercept radio signals from the reciever.