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Xbotz - Mold, North Wales - 28th-29th April 2007

Into the vallys for Xbots only event this year

After much hassle on the trains and buses (Quote; Myself to James Baker: 'You couldn't of put this more in the middle of nowhere if you tried!'), I got to the event, and had Hell's Angel Tech checked by Geoff (Scorpion), only to find my failsafes did not work as they should, but I was passed (phew!).
 Unfortunatly my fights on the first day were as my first one at Burgess Hill; with Hell's Angel barely moving, so, after a quick consulting with John Bell (Scorpion and Dantomkia), I started to work on lowering the motors to increase the ground clearance, which continued for most of Sunday, and at last, I was ready for the final 16 robot melee, only to find that when I put in the link, there was no power. Frustrated, I took the robot back to the pits and found it to be 1 loose wire. FUCK!
The event was a good learning oppertunity, and I came away with 2 things:
a: The knowledge of why my robot was failing and how to fix it
b: 3 large dents in my lid (2 from Little Hitter and 1 from me :))
It was unfortunate the HW's were not let to show off their full power due to the arena facility, but it was an enjoyable event all the same.
Thanks to James and to his family for helping me out with my travels.
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