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The Team

This is the page where you will meet the team of satanic people that put these evil machines together

Name: David Weston
Age: 21
From: Carterton, Oxford, England
Height: 6ft 4''
Likes: Robotics, Yu-Gi-Oh
Dislikes: Smoking

David's role is Team Captian and cheif builder. He has a big heart but an evil brain. He loves to duel with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but he has a problem with smokers and has a rather short fuse. He Also has more K'nex robots that you can count !


Facts about the team

  • Team Hell started competing in Antweights at Antweight World Series in Hull, 2006
  • Team Hell began their Featherweight carear in 2007, with their first ever active fight being at Robot's Live! Burgess Hill.
  • Team Hell's only mentionable honours are: Best Newcomer: AWS19 (F.I.N), Featherweight finalist, Robot's Live! Hemel Hempstead (Hell's Angel) and 2nd place at AWS 25 in Eindhoven, Holand (With Stewie)

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