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Video Gallery

Still pictures can only show you so much, so heres my robots in video!

Dominant vs Merge vs Dynamite vs Anticide - AWS 20 Rnd 1

I'm (David) driving Dominant in this fight

F.I.N vs Sidewinder conspritor vs Anticipation vs Flippt!

F.I.N's first round melee at AWS 20 in Brighton

F.I.N vs Anticipation

My very first competitive fight at AWS 19 in Hull

F.I.N vs R.O.N.N.Y - Rn 1: AWS 21

My first round fight against Gary and James' R.O.N.N.Y at AWS 21 (Watch for the total lack of control)

F.I.N Vs Cannon Fodder - Rn 1 Losers - AWS 21

After my match against R.O.N.N.Y I took on Pete Collier's vert spinner Cannon Fodder

F.I.N vs Antipathy - Rn 2 Losers - AWS 21

My next AWS 21 match was against another of Gary's creations, the metal clad Antipathy

Baby Hell vs Dynamite - Rn 1 - AWS 21

This is Baby Hell's first fully working fight against the AWS 19 champion, Dynamite (Watch for the bad driving)

Baby Hell vs Squashy - Rn1 Losers - AWS 21

My second fight with Baby Hell at AWS 21 drew me against Pete Collier's 'crusher', Squashy. This is also where I find my axe doubles as a flipper :).

Four-Inch Nails Test Spin

Stewie vs Flippt! - AWS 25

I can't remember if this was the final or the semi final, but either way :)

Satanix Vs. Little Hitter

With thanks to Marco Roberts and the guys at Team Bovik for supplying the AWS 20 videos, and a huge thanks to Joacim Schwartz for supplying the others, and of course thanks to Peter Collier who shot the original footage. Click on the link below for Pete Collier's website:

Robot Wars

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