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All of Team Hell's 'Old news'

Came back from Roaming Robots @ Wigan yesterday after giving Hell's Angel a test run. Read the Wigan event report in the Events page to find out more.

We've just been to the Brighton Model World event, and what a fun event it was ! For an Event Report and pictures click the Events page on the navigation bar.

Update to the Hell's Angel build diary

I have begun work on the new Hell's Angel after receiving my chassis back from the fabricators. Details and a link to the build diary can be found on the Robot's Page.
Pictures from AWS 21 are now up.
Also, F.I.N's uncontrolable spin problem has been fixed. It turns out I plugged the servo into channel 3 rather than channel 1, so the weapon lever was on full and so was the wheel. D'OH!
AWS 21 has just passed, and it was a great event! The Team Hell robots were functioning, albeit a little uncontrolled in F.I.N's case, but it did however winits first competitive fight against Pete Collier's Cannon Fodder!
Baby Hell showed promise, but it is in desperate need of more power, so the upgrades will tackle that problem. This event was also the first (and maybe last) outing for Ying-Yang, my new fleaweight clusterbot, kindly built for me my Josh Valman (Merge, Pop, DDB). Check the Robot's Page for info on Ying Yang.
Pictures and videos from AWS 21 will be posted soon
Good news ! F.I.N has been completed, with all new improvements in place (see robot section for details), Baby Hell has also been fixed and is running well with much help from Mr Pete Waller (Combatant, Mutant, Millitant, Dominant, etc), who also kindly supplied Baby Hell with a new battery as the old one was unreliable.
As well as the upgrades and repairs, there will be 2 new robots joining the Team Hell roster soon, the fleaweight Little Devil, kindly being build my Joacim Schwartz (Flippt!, Desire, etc), and Arch Angel, another fleaweight, which will be combined with Little Devil to become an antweight clusterbot known as 'Good and Evil'.
More details on Good and Evil as it develops.

A few items of news
I have begun rebuilding F.I.N. All the improvements will be written up along with a new picture shortly after Reading Robot Club 10 (RRC10) on Sept. 30th. Baby Hell is also going to be tinkered with by Mr Pete Waller to try and get it to function correctly, and Stewie is having his right hand servo fixed, which is partially what let him down at AWS20. Also, Team Hell may well be moving onto Lithium Polymer (Li-po) batteries, which will be implimented into F.I.N, Baby Hell, and our under-design fleaweight, Little Devil. More news to come... 
I attended 'The Big One', AWS 20, held in Mile Oak, Brighton. It was an enjoyable experience, however all of the Team Hell robots failed due to various technical reasons (pictures to be added later), but I did get a few fights with thanks to Pete Waller (Combatant, Mutant, Millitant, Dominant), who let me use Dominant in replacement of Baby Hell, and I knocked out the champion Dynamite (Simon Windisch) in the first round melee ! I also enjoyed varied success in the Tag Team.
Pictures to come soon
I attended my first event as a competitor, the Antweight World Series 19 (AWS 19). Baby Hell had a lot of problems with the wheels rubbing the inside and his battery going dead, but F.I.N put up a brave fight in its first round against Anticipation, but a driving error got me knocked out. But I got to fight some more, and ended up getting clouted by DBA and MBY!

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