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Antweight World Series 19 - Hull, 18th February, 2006

My very first event as a competitor

Antweight World Series 19 (AWS 19) was the first time Team Hell's robots took to the arena, but it was soon to become obvious the robots were far more advanced than I had anticipated.
Speaking of Anticipation, thats who my first fight was against with F.I.N. Anticipation is a pneumatic powered flipper built by Andrew Hibbard. The fight began and I spun F.I.N up and the first impact knocked Anticipation away, so I kept up the attack, and evenutally I went with my front to the side of Anticipation and tried to push with some sucess, but I think it was more Anticipation reversing the same speed. After this I backed off to spin again, and after the next impact and shot around Anticipation and into the wall, where I was caught and after a few spins locked together I shot off towards the gap, and before I knew which stick would get me away from the edge, Anticipation came up and flipped me clean out of the arena. Not a very promising start...
Baby Hell did not even get going, after being completed the night before. The wheels were rubbing against the wheel guards and as a result the robot only just went forward and left, which was no good against its first opponent, Gross Incompetance, a front hinged flipper built by Oliver steeples, who simply shoved under Baby Hell and pushed and then flipped him over the edge.

Then came the looser's melee's, which didn't happen for F.I.N, because as soon as Actiave was called, I tapped the transmitter stick and F.I.N shot forward and over the edge, leaving Combatant and Ratio Atque Usus to fight for their place in the next round.
Baby Hell, with its limited mobility, lasted longer than F.I.N did, before it was immobilised by a hit from MBY which took out my battery pack (and the hit recoilled and knocked out everyone else bar Ant-Lifter!).
So I was out of the main competiton, but for fun I entered into the Tag Team, With F.I.N teaming with The Killer Sandwich From Mars, one of the host's (Dave Lawrie) robots. Unfortunatly we got drawn against the formiddable MBY and the just dethroned champion DBA! After choosing the unwise tactic to go head on, I paid the inevitable consequence and promply got my wheel take off by DBA, then the other one by MBY, and finally turned over by DBA's vertical disk!
In our second tag match, I had a case of Deja Vu, when the TX stick was tapped, out shot F.I.N!
So thats what happened at my first event. A dismal failiure ? No, because the experience has taught me shedloads, and I will be back at the next one better than ever.
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Next stop, AWS 20...

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