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Antweight World Series 20 - Brighton, 24th June, 2006

My second robot event took me to the coast!

The sun was shining and the seagulls were shreiking, but I was here not to buy a stick of rock, but to fight my ants and my new Super-ant, Stewie. Or so I thought.
Upon arriving at the event, there was a big hubub about where the keys were to the venue, but after a lot of phone calls Gary and James (the event organisers) managed to get us inside, where my ants were promptly tech checked, only to find that FIN did not fit in the cube, and neither did Baby Hell ! So after a bit of sawing and cuttin they fitted into the cube, and so I set up my table, and was soon called for Baby Hell's first fight, and upon putting Baby Hell into the arena, I found that Baby Hell's wheels do not touch the floor !!!
After haistily removing Baby Hell, I was kindly permitted to use Pete Waller's Dominant, a very quick invertable forked robot. In my first match, it was over very quickly as  I turned right and hit forward, putting my forks under the AWS 19 champion Dynamite and shoving him off the edge, closely followed by myself and Anticide, whilst Merge barely moved !
After that came F.I.N'S first round melee with Anticipation, Flippt! and Sidewinder conspiritor, although I wouldn't call it a fight. Activate was called and Flippt! began trying to move the awkward Sidewinder Conspiritor to the edge, whilst I was still trying to get some sort of movement. I did enough to keep in the match, but Anticipation  meanwhile didn't move, and was therefore eliminated. Through round 1, more on luck than judgement.
Into the second round, and Dominant, my adopted antweight, was drawn against Dave Lawrie's 'The Pin', a big yellow robot with a BIG scoop. After a lot of attemps to get him pinned down and out of the ring I was eventually spun away from The Pin and ended up off the arena side. So that was one robot out, what would become of F.I.N ?

I didn't wait long to find out. F.I.N was drawn against Stuart Luxton's 'Halo', a low, silver flipper robot. The match started and Halo came across to F.I.N who was limping badly, and after a pathetic spin, it was stopped by a flip from Halo, and the second one chucked me off the edge.
Once again both robots out, one bad driving, the other...battery trouble.
So the supers were on after the AWS, and I was confident Stewie would work well, all tests had been positive. I placed Stewie in the arena, and drove to one side, the lid was put down, and the match started, but Stewie didn't! I had nothing !.
Upon further inspection, the gears had become unglued so as soon as weight was on them, they would just free spin.
So onto the Tag Team,which was an enjoyable event, winning a match at least with Dominant and his partner, the pink spinner Anticlimax.
So, in all, a bad day for Team Hell, but we'd learnt a lot from this, in paticular battery care (keep them charging !!).
We knew we'd be back stronger, and we were at AWS 21...

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