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Brighton Model World - 17-18th February 2007

My fourth event with an active robot..

After just over 3 months since my last antweight outing, we got a chance to show off the ants again at the Brighton Model World. It was a very big place, lots of various models from ride on steam trains to miniature house replicas, Meccano army vehicles to RC Tanks. But the main thing of interest was our Antweight stand and the Roaming Robots featherweight stand upstairs.
We had a lot of interest in our stand passing out all of the business cards for Pete Collier's website (, so we have made ourselfs some new antweight roboteers during the course of the 2 days. During the second day, I spent a lot of the time working on Baby Hell, as it was in peices, but by the end of the event, with a little (lot) of help from Gary, Baby Hell was running by the end of the event !
This event also comemorates F.I.N and Baby Hell's first birthday, as it was a year ago today they first rolled into the arena at AWS 19
So in all, an thoroughly enjoyable weekend, got me geared up for AWS 22 in March...

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