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Antweight World Series 21 - Harvington - 21st October 2006

My third AWS and with a considerably improved result..

Autumn is here and so is another AWS, this time, Number 21, hosted by Scott Fyffe Jamieson (Void). This time marked a change in fortune for Team Hell's robots: We actually won a fight ! After a match totally lacking in control against RONNY, F.I.N took on Pete Collier's Cannon Fodder, and as Cannon Fodder and FIN collided, Cannon fodder was knocked off balance and onto its side, where it tried to self right but to no avail, and FIN gt its first competitive victory ! My joy however was short lived as, in the next round, I was KO'd by another of Gary's ants, Antipathy,which I could not avoid as I had no control at all !
Baby Hell meanwhile, dispite having full control, had nowhere near enough power to see of either AWS 19 (and 21) champion Dynamite or Squashy. Time for a drive upgrade...
Also making an appearance for Team Hell was the fleaweight clusterbot,  Ying Yang. It, however, had a lot of trouble with body shells scraping the floor, so Ying Yang is to be rebuilt from scratch for AWS 23.
Click the link below to veiw pictures from AWS 21

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