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Antweight World Series 22 - Aylsebury - 10th March 2007

The ants are back for another AWS, this time courtersy of Pete Waller...

My fourth AWS was, I was hoping, going to be my most sucessful, and by some measure, it was!
My first fight with the newly improved Baby Hell did not go  according to plan, after I drew the walking lathe tool that is Mutant. After a good start, managing to push Mutant along the wall, the edge of my scoop was clipped by Mutants vertical disc and I was thrown across the arena, where the robot got immobilised by the new controllers wires that I had hastily crammed into Baby Hells frame. Not the best start...
My next match was with F.I.N, and in a replay of my first round in AWS 21, I drew Gary's 'R.O.N.N.Y'. But this time was to be different. This time, I had control. At the start, F.I.N spun up to speed, and knocked R.O.N.N.Y sideways, presenting the back end of the robot to me, so I stopped the spin and went for the push, and pushed R.O.N.N.Y off the edge! My first round 1 victory!
My First round losers fight with Baby Hell pitted me against Craig Danby's new thwackbot, whose name I cannot remember... Unfortunatly, Craig's ant outmanourvered Baby Hell, and kept my wheels off the floor, so I had no chance to fight back, and I was eventually shoved out. Exit Baby Hell...
I was feeling optimistic about my next fight against the Titainium fronted Definat, who was F.I.N's next opponent. But, before I went in, I gave F.I.N a test to ensure it was in working order, but as soon as the TX went on, the servos went scatty, and my immeidiate assumption was the battery was flat. But no, after using a new battery, the same thing happened. Eventually, I put F.I.N in the arena, and Defiant just shoved it off with no effort.
It was a very dissapointing end to my AWS campaign, even more so when I found the cause of F.I.N's breakdown: a burnt out servo!
So ended AWS 22, with Leo Van Miert's Kajushca taking the trophy back to holland with him. Well Done Leo !
But I did get one last reward at the end. As I plan to rebuild Ying Yang, I got Leo to smash up the old ones, a fantastic sight to behold !
Onto the next event...
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