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Roaming Robots - Wigan, 24th February 2007

My 2nd big Roaming Robots event, and it took me waaay up north...

The second big Roaming Robots event of the year was a smash hit, and not least of all because of Terrorhurtz ! In a show of pure destruction, Terrorhurtz, Kan-Opener and the RR house robot, Gripper, took it to a defensless pub fruit machine, kindly (or unkindly) donated for the show. This event was also the first time I got to test out the drive system on Hell's Angel. the test did not go as planned, with the rear being too heavy and bringing one wheel slightly off the floor. Video of the test will be online shortly. In the meantime, enjoy some of the photos taken at Wigan by Yours Truely:

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