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Roaming robots Easter Robot Rumble - Colchester - 7th-8th April 2007

Team Hell heads to Essex for the longest running live robot shows around...

April has arrived and with it comes the Colchester easter robot rumble. This event was 2 days of nothing but robot bashing fun, not least because of the mess Terrorhurtz and Co. made of the washing machine ! I was also honoured at this event to meet the legendary Rex Garrad of Cassius fame.
I also received Hell's Angel's shell back at this event, so I was finally able to see what it looked like in one peice, but unfortunatly, not in fighting condition until the next event, Burgess Hill.
The event was great fun, with the usual THz enduce fear around the pits, smashed up washing machines, and a dodgy judges desision or two by our guest judge, Cassius legend Rex  Garrard (Kan-Opener were hard done-by in my opinion).
On the second day we had the HW and FW final, resulting in wins for Iron Awe 3 and Bonx, well done to Rob and Gilbert (Irow Awe) and Tim (Bonx).
After this event I was glad to be in my own bed after all the hassle I had with my travelodge, but I found somewhere to stay, with a big thanks to Team MAD who took me there and picked me up. Cheers Mike, Alan and David!
Onto Burgess Hill...
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