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Robots Live ! - Burgess Hill - 14th-15th April 2007

My first robots live event and Hell's Angel's first outing...

I arrived far too early for this event, so I decided to help the Robot's Live! crew put the arena together, whilst my robot was still in bits !
But the arena came together, and after much hassle with HDPE blocks, so did Hell's Angel. After a franatic afternoon and an equally bad sunday morning, I finally got it running, and put it into a whiteboard fight with 4 other FW's.
I was rather disapointed to see that Hell's Angel barely moved. I was please, however, to see that it could survive the arena flipper which chucked it very close to my face, but it was still in running condition afterwards.
All in all, a very good event, with the axes, Terrorhurtz and Little Hitter being named their weight class winners of the event. Well done John and Mark.
Link to photos is on the Photo gallery page.

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