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Roaming Robots @ Northampton - 19th May 2007

Hell's Angel's 4th working event, and his last for a while

Buoyed up by my performance at Aylesbury, I was hoping for more of the same at Northampton.
But I was wrong.
In my first fight, I made the mistake of backing away into the arena wall, and got the rear caster stuck in the gap between the wall and floor, and I was immobilised.
No big deal I thought, it happens. So I went into my next fight ready to try again, and after a breif foray into the battle feild, Hell's Angel lost drive to one side, the reason for which was unknown.
It was not until I took it into the pit and opened the lid to the smell of burnt motors that I realised the motors had cooked under the increased voltage. I later discover that they are in fact 9.6v motors, and I mistakingly ran them on 24v!
An unfortunate end to an otherwise great event, but I'll be back...

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