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FRA Featherweight UK championship - National Space center, Leicester - 23/24th June 2007

Under the rocket of the space center, destruction reigned as the spinners come out to play for the UK title

During the rebuild of Hell's Angel, I attended the FRA's Featherweight UK championship, kindly supplied by Roaming Robots.
The competition was feirce, and in a class 2 arena, the spinners had free reign.
But it didn't go all their way. The main show of destruction came from Scorpion LEM, which tore out the batteries of another spinner, Team Tilly's Dizzy Tilly. The spinners, however, did not continue into the competition much, as they all fell by the wayside as did their blades (Little Spinner and Scorpion had both snapped their blades by the end of the event).
The event was eventually won by a flipper, that of Trevor Wright's Mini Mighty Mouse! Congratulations Trevor !
Will he be able to hold onto his title ? Find out in May!
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