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Robot's Live! Exeter - 7-8th July 2007

Down to the south-west coast for more robot mayhem

After a few events out of the circuit, Hell's Angel finally took to the ring, albeit not smoothly:
My initial driving test was great, however it was short lived, as the thermal cutout on the scorpion XL shut the robot down, and would only re-initialise when the chip had cooled down. This was later discovered to be because the use of the BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) was causing the scorpion to overheat and thus shut down.
  So after reverting back to a receiver battery, everything started to go smoothly.
In its first fight, Hell's Angel performed well until I stupidly drove it down the pit in amidst all the carnage !
   I did notice that the wheels seem to slip, and it wasn't delivering as much power. On closer inspection, the wheels picked up a lot of dust and was simply sliding around.

Between the first fight and my second one, there was many great fights, including The Saint vs Terrorhurtz, in which The saint was piled with wood to protect the robot, but as it transpires, THz was in a suicidal mood, and proceeded to drive itself down the pit, but not before causing some serious damage to The Saint's drive train!
 In another TH'x fight, the axe snapped, yes SNAPPED off, and THz was promptly dispached.
In my second fight of the weekend, I had slightly better fortune, dispite the best efforts of Little Flipper to throw me out of the arena. But it turned out he did not need to, as once again I drove myself down the pit, trying to push a wrecked 'Red Dave' down the pit, and getting attacked from behind as I was doing so!
So, in all, a decent event, not a huge audience but still thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless, with the exception of the freezing camping conditions!
Until Next time...

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