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FRA Heavyweight UK championship - Pwllheli, Wales - 28-31st August 2007

Into the welsh vallys once again for the right to be called the best HW robot in the UK! 

4 full days of robot destruction, can't beat it :D All the best robots from around the country, the likes of Terrorhurtz, Big Nipper and Kan-Opener, here to fight each other, and the newcomers of Tanglefoot and the local boys Infinity, for the UK title.
During the four days, there was much damage, temperamental robots, robots out of the ring left right and center, and some spectacular clashes in between.
Terrorhurtz and Envy were tipped as favourites for the title, but alas, Envy went out too early, and left the path open for Terrorhurtz, who, on its route to the final, took on (and apart) Infinity, Ripper, Kan-opener, and others besides.

But they didn't reckon on Big Nipper...
After 4 days of gruelling fights, it came down to the claw and lifter of Big Nipper and the pneumatic headsman axe of Terrorhurtz:
After 2 minutes it was obvious there was something not right with Terrorhurtz, and this was picked up by the Big Nipper Team, and Terrorhurtz was driven into the corner where he stopped, immobile.
It was with that, Big Nipper has become the FRA UK Heavyweight Champion! Well Done Mark, Greahem and Glyn!
As for Hell's Angel, most of the event was spent putting the axe mechanism in, and drilling the wheels to reduce the robots weight!
No sooner had the carnage stopped, it started again in Hemel Hempstead....

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