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Robot's Live! - Hemel Hempstead - 1st-2nd September 2007

Down to the home of 'Behemoth' for more destruction 

From the vallys of wales to Hemel Hempstead in one day...I must love this fucking sport :P
Well the form-book was turned around, with Terrorhurtz and Big Nipper falling foul to Pressure, who went on to win the Heavyweight competition, as well as the featherweight competition with Skink.
Hell's Angel got 2 fights, one in a qualifier and one in the final! By some miracle, I managed to stay to the last 3 in my qualifier before being rudely ejected from the arena by Little Flipper!
In the final, I was once again overturned my a flipper, this time the winner, Skink.
All in all, a fun event, and a great photo op :) The crew of Robot's Live and all the roboteers got their picture taken with a Sgt Bash shell, kindly bought in by the local boys, Behemoth.

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