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Roaming Robots Winter tour - Portsmouth - 6th/7th October 2007

Down to the mouth of the Solent for Round 2 of the Roaming Robots Winter Tour 

Today was the day, I hoped, to have the axe on Hell's Angel working, but I got one fire out of it and that was it. Oh well :P
This event also saw the arrival of 2 new robots into the fold: My second featherweight, Satanix, and the new robot from Roaming Robots organiser Jonno, Ripper 2.
My first fight didn't go according to plan, as I ended up upside down with no means to self right.
My second fight with Hell's Angel saw the largest amount of damage it has ever received ! The rear panel has come off, the batteries had become dislodged, and my scorpion was falling off its mounting, not to mention the damage to the lid from its landing after a flight on Mr Stu airlines (AKA the arena flipper).
So, after much work, it was Satanix' turn, but he turned out to be a big dissapointment, with the controllers and motors both burning out in its 1 and only fight in 2007.
Back to the drawing board :)

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