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Roaming Robots Swindon Smash - 27th January 2008

Back to The Oasis for Swindon smash 2008

After 2 months out of the ring, Hell's angel takes to the ring with a few improvements to the insides:
Repositioned Batteries and electronics meant the weight was all around the wheels, and all the wiring was much shorter, and I finally got a case for my scorpion, so no more crap getting into it.
But unfortunately these changes were not evident in its competition fight again DB5 and Basher, which lived up to its name
During the battle, I managed to avoid Basher for the most part, until I was trapped aginst the wall by both DB5 and Basher, and Basher proceeded to beat down the robots lid, leaving it bent inwards and two large slots in the scoop top.
After a little panel beating (Oooh err), It went back in the ring for a big melee, which it was sadly knocked out of into the pit.
Other good parts of the event ? Fluffy catching fire again, Me getting my pneumatic gear from Trevor, and Ripper playing robot darts with Mighty Mouse!
Until next time...


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