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Antweight World Series 24 - Ickenham - 17th November 2007

Into Uxbridge for the 24th AWS, and my first with 3 ants.

In the cold november rain, I travelled south for the Antweight World Series, this time Hosted by Josh Valman (Pop, Boo).
This AWS also saw the first appearance of the antweight version of Stewie.
My first fights in the non spinner competition did not go well, with F.I.N getting flipped out by Inertiant and Stewie getting pushed out by Brick Of Destiny after a long tactical battle..
In the main competition, F.I.N was still having problems, and as such was promptly booted about by Kajuchsa, loosing one of its nails in the process. Due to F.I.N's problems I had to retire him from the competition.
Next up was Baby Hell, and dispite a stuttery start, managed to dispatch Gross Incompetance over the edge of the arena.
Stewie's turn came, and I admit I held out little hope, as he had little pushing power, and he was fighting the host's vertical spinner, Boo. However, fortune was on my side, as my front blades kept Boo's vertical disc away from Stewie's body, and eventually Boo's disc hit the floor and it threw itself out of the ring!

Into Round 2, and my opponents were, for Baby Hell, Pants, and for Stewie, Odyssy.
Baby Hell disposed of Pants in the same fashion as he did with Gross Incompatence, dumping it out of the arena, whereas Stewie was flipped out by Odyssy. Thanks to Double elimination, Both Baby Hell and Stewie got more fights.
Baby Hell's next opponent was the tracked Defiant, to whom  he was no match for pushing power, and was thusly shoved out.
Stewie's next encounter was also with one of Peter Waller's robots, the vertical spinner Combatant. After failing to keep the blade at bay, my battery pack cable was uncerimoniuosly pulled out leaving Stewie powerless, and out of the competiton.
Baby Hell also met a spinner, the formidable Kajuscha 2, and after a few spins of the disk, Baby Hell was booted over the edge and out of the contest.
In all, not a bad outing for Team Hell, albiet with a disapointing performance from F.I.N.
The overall contest was won by Oliver Steeples new Antweight, General Mayham, a tracked flipper robot. It also won Most Destroyed, after facing a lot of Spinners on the way through!
And now we leave 2007, and into the new year of destruction, starting with the Swindon Smash...

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