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Robot's Live! - Whitwick - 2-3rd Feburary 2008

Up to the home of Merlin and Robot's Live for their first anniversary event.

After a long and arguous drive, I got to the hermatige leisure center for the first Robot's Live event of 2008.
Not only would the heavyweights and featherweights be on display at this show, but the Antweight class also, care of Myself, Josh Valman, Pete Waller and Simon Windisch.
Hell's Angel got 2 battles during this event, once it was taken out by going down the pit, and the second, it was propped on its end for a long time, and soon, someone got me down, but only to be flipped from the arena by Wedgie!
On the upside, I got to do a test of Hell's Angel's axe, and it is powerful ! :).
Onto the ants, and unfortunatley, F.I.N fared no better here than at AWS 24, and was quickly dispatched. Baby Hell however, after a radical re-build, performed well against Fast Dalek, shoving it down the pit, but it then fought Variant, who then proceeded to take Baby Hell apart, first ripping the scoop asunder, then the rear end, and finally cracking the sides.
It was unfortunate that Baby Hell came back in a rather battered state, but he was rebuilt and now he's better than ever!
The heavyweight event was won by Iron Awe 5, in a somewhat flukey fashion, as they were on one wheel against the wall, and Kronic foolishly drove up their wedge and were justly turned over and out of the arena! Better luck next time Mr Lang :).

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