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Easter Robot Rumble - Colchester - 22-23rd March 2008

Into Essex once more for the longest running event thus far.

Once again, the Easter robot rumble was organised by Geoff Thorpe and put on by Roaming Robots, who had bought their new House Robot to show off, but unfortunately it was not well, so had to sit out the fights in the display area.
Hell's Angel took a back seat at this event, as Satanix stepped into the limelight for its first outing since its unfortunate exit from Portsmouth.
It was put into nearly every whiteboard it would go into, and be still running at the end, even if it was down the pit :P
I did encounter as few problems, with the gearbox tabs snapping and the robot revving the motors but not going anywhere. The problem was fixed with some help from Will from Team Ocean (thanks for the glue Will), and Satanix was back fighting, and took to the last battle as one half of a clusterbot, as it was so light.
Team Hell temporarily teamed up with Team Ocean, combining Splash and Satanix to become 'UNHOLY WATER'. However, Satanix failed for reason's still unknown. Oh well, one of those things.
The highlights of the event were the return of Robot Wars veteran Hydra, the destruction of a washing machine, and 5 heavyweights getting flipped out of the arena one after the other by the HW champion of the day, Iron Awe 5!

And now for the trip home, and the rant that goes with it !
After kindly being dropped off at the bus stop, I was given dis-directions as to where my bus was picking up from, and as a result of which, I missed my bus to Stanstead, got another one, and found I'd missed my bus from Stansted to Oxford, and so had to spend an extra 70 to sleep at Stansted!
And that wasn't the end of it!
After waiting 2 hrs for a bus to Oxford, they cancelled it 15mins before it was due to leave due to a chipper windscreen!  The next direct bus was another 2 hours way, and I refused to wait that long, so they put be on a bus going to London Victoria, where I got myself a bus to Oxford.
I finally got home at 2:00pm on the Monday, after I was supposed to be home 15hrs earlier!
Rant Over, I feel better now :)

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