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Robot's Live! - Burgess Hill - 12th/13th April 2008

Down to West Sussex for Robot's Live's biggest event, and Hell's Angel's first anniversary

Hell's Angel may of started its carear here, but it was to take a back seat yet again to Satanix, because Hell's Angel was due for testing before a rebuild.
Satanix' first fight was going well, until it was turned over, and Flow tried to put me right way up, but due to the power of the flipper, chucked me clean from the arena !
the fights that followed resulted in Satanix loosing the use of both gearboxes, one was hastily repaired, and then the fight following, the second one broke.
In between driving and repairing Satanix, I was running an antweight arena at the front of the pits, with Stewie as center focus, and  Baby Hell being run whilst he was on charge.
I made the mistake of leaving Baby Hell at the front for people to see, and someone plugged the battery in the wrong way whilst I was away, causing the pack to swell and smoke!
Thankfully Grant Cooper was on hand to help me dispense of the battery. Baby Hell has since gotton a new battery, and it working fine.
Also, during the event, I tested out Hell's Angel's axe mechanism, which we discovered had a leak coming from the rams, and as a result of which, the axe fired but didn't return. At least we know it fires ! :)
All in all, not a bad event, but a few casualties along the way with Satanix and Baby Hell both receiving damage.
Until next time...

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