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Roaming Robots @ Ayelsbury - 11th May 2008

Into the May sunshine for some outdoor annihilation!

After last years deludge, it was refreshing to have fantastic to have brilliant sunshine for Roaming Robot's premier outdoor event.
After arriving early to help set up the arena, the roboteers started showing up, and we were already starting to feel the effects of the heat!
Peter Waller had kindly supplied his Antweight arena, and we entertained the market place public with displays from  Variant, Defiant, Combatant, Dominant, Mutant, and Team Hell's own Stewie and Baby Hell.
The weather played havoc with some of our robots, causing hot glue to melt, and melting sticky tape!

The featherweights took the main stage however, in which Satanix took part in 2 fights, due to issues with the motors. In both fights, I fell foul to Pillow Torque, who, in one fight, rammed be into the far end of the arena and broke off my ariel, so I lost control over the robot, and in the second fight, I was turned upside down, where Satanix could not move from. Not the best, considering he's meant to be invertable!
After the show, the roboteers all cooled off with a water fight, and many a dip in the 2 water fountains sharing the market square with us. We were all soaked by the end of it all, none more so than Jonno (Ripper) and Geoff (Scorpion)!
So, from here, in the sun, to our next event, amongst the stars at the Space Center...

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