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Antweight World Series 26 - Brighton - 21st June 2008

Back to the coast for some antweight sized action

After a long journey and a run-in with the local police, I arrived at the venue, and in a more prepared stae than usual, but that was about to change...
After a pleasing test of FIN to make sure he was working (I punctured Joacim's coke can :) ), I found there was a problem with the battery lead, which was becoming unsoldered, but it would have to wait, as my first match was called up, and I was in against Pushy with a co-allition robot of Team Hell and Team Bud: Devil's Buddy (Little Devil and Buddy), and by some good degree of teamwork we were able to beat Pushy and progress into the next round of the non-spinner competition, to fight the newcomer Jack Orr with Valiant, who proved too much for the 2 flea combination and was victorious. Onto the main competition:
My first fight of the AWS was with FIN against the vertical spinner Zenith. It was my thought that I could knock it off balance, but the robot was too wide, and FIN ended up getting booted out of the arena by the disc. Not a great start...
My second fight went no better, with Stewie facing the soon to be 3-time AWS champion Dynamite, and after a close first match where the winner was not discernable, I was promptly shoved off the edge in the re-match. An unimpressive start for Stewie.
Fight No. 3 saw Baby Hell have a re-match from AWS 22 against the walking war machine Mutant, and thanks to the new grip on Baby Hell I was able to push Mutant down the ditch, but getting my axe motor destroyed in the process :S
My last match of Round 1 saw Devil's Buddy fighting the AWS 24 champion General Mayhem, and Oliver Steeple's robot proved too much for Joacim and myself and was thusly ejected.

This is why Mutant is not to be taken lightly! Baby Hell's axe motor after the impact

Onto Round 2 where Team Hell had to fight for its life.
First, I was due to fight Josh Valman's 'Pop', but due to a serious motor issue, he was unable to compete.
Stewie had a chance to redeem itself against Steve Bracewell's Pushy, but after a calamatous driving error Stewie ended up down the ditch of its own accord, and that ended Stewie's run in AWS26. Very, very disapointing.
Further to my disapointment was Baby Hell's fight against Oliver's Private Iron, who I tried to out-manuever but to no avail and was thusly turned over and out.
My next fight was with Devil's Buddy who had drawn Variant, but we were thankfully spared the spinning blade, and fought the lifter version, but both Buddy and LD were turned over, Unable to selfright, and was out of the competition.
So my only hope layed with Baby Hell, who's next fight was against the new Bling-blingin' ant from Bethany (Team Beligerant), Shadow. After some horredous driving on my part and some better driving on Bethany's part, I was put into the ditch, and out of AWS 26.
It wasn't the end of the day for me, as I still had the Tag Team and Fleaweights to do.
So, into the fleas, and my first fight was against my cluster half, Buddy, who was eventually turned over and couldn't self right.
My next fight had me against Pete Waller's fleaweight spinner, Fleabite, with who I knew I would have trouble, and sure enough, my scoop was torn off, and a short while later, one of my wheels stopped working, and Fleabite was declared the winner, and eventually the overall winner after beating Buddy.
Onto the Tag Team with Joacim's Flippt! and Baby Hell, and, somehow, we managed to win 4 matches in a row to become the Tag Team Winners!
Overall, not the best of events for Team Hell, but I at least ended on a high note with the Tag Team.
Back to the workshop for me...

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