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Robot's Live! - Huddersfield - 20/21st September 2008

A long way up the M1 to the Yorkshire dales for some high tech trashing!

After a 3 1/2hr's driving I finally got to the Huddersfield leisure center, and quickly set about helping the Robot's Live crew put the arena barriers in, put the floor in and help them eat the biscuits :).
Due to a slight lack of HW's, the first day was set out as whiteboards to restrict too much damage before the competition, so Apocalypse got a slightly lesser headache from a restricted Terrorhurtz.
Satanix got into the action in the whiteboards, but it drove into the arena and promptly dies, due to a breaking connection near the battery. Not a great start.
Most of the first day was spent getting the 2 new FW additions of Hooligan (Tom Armitage) and Pug (Liam Bryant) working, which we eventually did, and entertaining the crowd with Baby Hell and Stewie showing off by axing and flipping whever happened to be lying around my bench!
Second day, and after a nice breakfast with Team Haggis Bashers, I got down to some soldering to fix that dodgy connection in Satanix.
In my competition fight, I stayed aggressive and above all, mobile, throughout the fight, but a lack of pushing ability left me out of the contest. Just wait until the new one comes along....

Whilst I was awaiting my next Whiteboard fight, Team Haggis Bashers had their first fight with Pug, and it was doing remarkably well, surviving a launch from Explosion, and even getting under Tiny Toon, but the lifter failed to work, due to the failsafe plug coming out. Pug was, unfortunately, driven into the pit mid fight, but still put in a good performance for its first go.
I spent my time until the whiteboard entertaining the public with weapon displays from FIN, Baby Hell and Stewie.
When my whiteboard fight came up, it was a disapointing end, with 1 motor wire falling out about 1.30 minutes in, and me left spinning in circles.
All in all, a good event, worth the trip, and I've made some new friends in the Hooligan team, and I got to meet the uber-cool skeletron :).
From up in the Dales to down in the portsmouth...

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