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Roaming Robots - Portsmouth - 4/5th October 2008

Down to the Solent once again for more robot rampaging

The winter tour starts for another year, and also a new format for the roaming robots show, with robot now able to drive back in if they are flipped out, and not being able to go out at all on one side of the arena!
After a slightly rocky start the show got into full swing with Envy showing off the new setup by driving back into the arena, much to the delight of the crowd.
Satanix got himself involved in a whiteboard fight, which he survived, remarkably, even after having a little dig at the 1 Tone house robot, Major Damage! Unfortunately I didn't win, and dispite being mobile, Satanix wasn't even mentioned to the audience. No fair ! Oh well.
During the second day, I had my hands full keeping the antweights going, getting the feather into fights and doing interviews for local media students :)
My Competition fight came up and unfortunately did not go well,as the link conector fell into the robot and I had to remove the lid to fish it out, but I was holding up the show, so the lid got put back on, but not bolted down, and sure enough, after the first 2 blows my lid was hanging off and my electronics all over the place !
So I was out of the competition for the day, but I still had the antweights to keep me occupied, and it also made great entertainment for the crowd in between fights, with Stewie being the star, flipping robots and rolls of tape all over the place :)
I managed to get one more whiteboard fight out of the day, but it was all over before it had began for Satanix, as he was flipped over and his lid fell, meaning the wheels would not touch the floor and I was out.
All in all, a great event, with a few new faces and some interesting formats to play with. And I had to go and get the crew McDonalds :). I can't beleive I forgot the straws :P

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