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Robot's Live! - Reading - 11th/12th October 2008

A short trip down the M4 for more motorised mayhem!

I arrived early to avoid the traffic, and set about helping out the RL crew set up the arena, and once that was together, I got my robots set up for their RRC challenge, and Satanix ready for its Robot's Live fights.
My antweight fights went well, althought there were clear issues with F.I.N, as his drive on one side was intermittant. Stewie, despite best efforts, didn't make the final, due to running out of battery in the middle of its fight against Ant Awe.
Baby Hell had a crap run, taken out by Fast Dalek after a driving error and then Defiant.
My next event was the football, and Stewie teamed up with Team Toon's Dec driven by Alex Brown, and, despite winning the first match convincingly, Stewie suffered a setback with a gear in the flipper stripping leaving me without a weapon. I decided to substitute Stewie for Baby Hell only to discover....Baby Hell sucks at football :P. After a dismal display I decided to play Stewie even without the flipper, but thanks to another high scoring match we ended up coming second, loosing out on goal difference.
Onto Speedway, and once again Stewie took center stage, and put in fast lap after fast lap, but, in the final, I had a re-occourance of my battery failiure...3" from the finish line! Needless to say I was irritated....
In the main Robot's Live competition, Satanix survived a lot of its fights, suffering only a broken arieal in the process, and in fact lasted until the end in the arena with Skink in a whiteboard match.
I was fortunate to get away with such minor damage after continuously goading the House Robot 'Battle Axe' by ramming into it whenever I got the chance :)
All in All, a great event, if a little frustrating with the antweights.
Onto Nottingham....

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