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Roaming Robots @ Nottingham - 25th October 2008

Team Hell travels to Robin Hood's town for some halloween action!

For only the second time I managed to beat the organisers to the venue :P
After helping out setting the arena up, I got into my costume; a Joey Jordison outfit (the drummer from Slipknot), complete with Mask, black wig, boiler suit with logo and number, and drumsticks :). and all that effort, only 2 people knew who I was meant to be. Next time I'm going as a Ghostbuster :).
Anyway, as I went to get Satanix tech checked, I found the robot didn't work, but it turned out to be the least of my problems, when, trying to open the robot, I found I couldn't get the lid off!! I eventually got it off with a little help from Team TXR, and repaired the problem with the robot (with thanks to Paul from Team Cylon), but I hap hazardly put the lid back on and, as a result, the first flip in my competition fight got my lid taken off and my electronics scattered everywhere!
After some quick repair work, I got Satanix running again, and the lid properly secured (Thanks for the bolts Sam :)), and I got myself a guest driver, Matt Hunt, a new roboteer that was attending Nottingham as a spectator, but I let him get some practise in with Satanix.
All went well until he got stuck on the arena flipper with his wheels off the floor. Oh well, it happens :)
A great event and a great spirit amongst the roboteers who dressed up themselves and their machines in Halloween clobber, Especially Jenny from Team Pillow Torque! WOW!
Roll on Chester....

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