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Robot's Live! - Chester - 15th / 16th November 2008

Up to the England/Wales border for the last RL event of 2008. And the start of Satanix 1.666's carear...

After helping to set up on Friday evening, and Saturday morning, I got my brand new robot, Satanix 1.666 charged and tech checked, only to discover that my radio gear couldn't handle the new full-steel chassis, and so I had to convert to Spektrum, but then another problem occoured.
I found that the battery pack in Satanix was crashing every time I hit full throttle, so I had to keep gently ramping it up or it would stutter and falter around.
The robot went into its competition fight and was promptly stuck between the wall and the floor (see below). Great start :P.
Satanix was doomed to sit the event out with all these faliures
I did however still enjoy the event, with lots of great fights and some great moments, like Tornado balancing on edge on Pressure's top, Tornado being beaten by a robotic TYRE (Puck), and a 1 in a million axe shot taking out Bigger Brother's drive chain.
But the highlight for me was the after show fight between an oldskool Featherweight named I.R (you talking to I.R ?) and the mighty Heavyweight Tiberius. The result was very funny, with I.R taking horrendus damage, but still rolling after 12 bites of the 4-Ton pressure beak.
Next stop, AWS 27 :)


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