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AWS 27 - Reading - 8th November 2008

Back to the heart of Berkshire for another shot at the Antweight crown

Having shared tthe trip down with Dave Lawrie, we got to the venue a little too early, we managed to beat Oliver there :)
After entering F.I.N and Baby Hell in the non spinner, I got let down by my driving once again, With F.I.N losing in succession to Shadow and Valliant, and Baby Hell fairing decidedly better, beating Dead Meat, then loosing to General Mayhem, beating Not Antlifter, and loosing once again to Flippant.
Onto the main AWS:

F.I.N was up first, and after a miraculos escape from the edge of the arena, managed to get Dead Meat off the side, with a little luck on my side.
My temporary clusterbot, Hell's Anthology (Little Devil and Zoos!) was up next against Craig Danby's Anto 3, and after some prancing around, we were both dumped off the edge by the little black bot.
Then came the brown adrenaline moment....Stewie had to fight Mutant.
Mutant had problems with its walking, so I managed to out-manovuer it and push it down the ditch, escaping the encounter with minor fraying to my flipper edge. Phew!
Next up was Baby Hell, fighting Gross Incompentance, a replay of Baby Hell's first ever fight back in AWS 19. Unfortunately the result was the same, after being flipped over, and my self righting put me right back into GI's path, and I was abruptly flipped from the arena.
Second round, and F.I.N was drawn against Combatant, a fight which I was not looking forward to, and with good reason. After my initial spin up, Combatant hit me and took off one of my nails as well as a small chunk of polycarbonate, but I carried on irrigardless, but my attemps to move away from Combatant ended up with me driving over the arena edge.
Hell's Anthology was up next, but W/N 2.0 was too much for the clusterbot and LD ended up out of the arena and Zoos! on its back. Game over for Hell's Anthology
Stewie's second round opponent was Wanted, and with 1 flip it was over, and Stewie was through to its heat final.
Baby Hell's second round oppoent was Craig's comedy entry Badgerbot, who,was pinned into the corner and hacked into by Baby Hell's axe, and after some additional pressure, Badgerbot was turned over and Baby Hell proceeded to hack into its underbelly, much to the disgust of Pete Collier. Unable to self right, Baby Hell went through.
Round 3, and F.I.N had to once again fight Dead Meat, and with F.I.N this time in considerably more control, I managed to take off a wheel and push Dead Meat down the ditch. into the heat 2nd place fight....

Stewie was up next, and I had to fight Private Iron, and, to be honest, I don't remember anything from that fight, but I'll get the DVD and I'll update this bit when I get the chance. I do know that I won however, and came first in the group.
Baby Hell was last up, and drew a newcomer in the shape of Wallaby, and the fight was a 'blink-and-you-missed-it' affair, with Baby Hell catching the side of Wallaby and pushing it off the arena sideways! Match over in less than 2 seconds!
Onto the Heat Finals/2nd places, and F.I.N drew Dave Lawrie's Meat 3: Prime, and I was eventually pushed out of the arena, knocking FIN out of the competition.
Baby Hell had to fight Simon's 3 time AWS champion Dynamite, and I was outdriven and pushed out by Simon after a lot of dodging around each other. Exit Baby Hell...
My hopes rested on Stewie, but being pitched against Defiant didn't help my confidence. After a few good flipper shots, I missed one which allowed Defiant underneath me and I got shoved out.
My next fight was no easier, fighting General Mayhem, and after a lot of dodging around it, I tried to skirt past the side, got caught by the flipper edge, and did a James Bond-esque flip over and the speed carried me into the ditch.
And thats where the AWS finished for me.
Still, I had great fun, and I've learnt a lot for my next competition. Roll on 2009....

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